Business Lunch on the Boat

Business Lunch on the Boat

Company Organization on Board

You shouldn’t just limit it to your employees, wouldn’t it be great to host your company’s business partners and guests with a Bosphorus tour organization on the boat? Bematur firm is the right choice in this regard

Bematur Business Lunch Service Content

Business Lunch on the Boat

Beaturis a company that provides business lunch service in Istanbul. Bematur’s business lunch service is specially designed in line with customers’ requests. The business lunch service can be customized according to the specific demands and needs of the customers.

Bematur’s business lunch service content can be summarized as follows:

  • Custom Menu Design
  • Location Selection
  • Decoration and Service
  • Event Planning

Bematur’s business lunch services can be customized in line with customers’ specific demands and needs. Customers can submit their requests on topics such as special menu options, theme options and organization time, giving a fully personalized service. Business lunch they can edit.

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