Turkey Wedding

Turkey Wedding
Have you ever thought of having a wedding abroad? If you don’t, now you should do it. A wedding in Turkey should be a wonderful choice to have a wedding ceremony. As all people well know, Turkey is one of the greatest country in Europe. With its culture, history, places that the tourists can visit and its atmosphere Turkey will be the most preferred country for having a wedding ceremony. As Bematur Boat Organization, we provide our clients to have an amazing and funny yacht wedding organizations. We provide many things to our clients. In this text, you will learn the information about the wedding organizations we provide.

What We Do?


Turkey Wedding
We, Bematur Boat Organization, provide our clients beautiful yacht weddings. You don’t have to worry about the issues. We organize everything before the wedding according to couples’ requests. You just need to think about the funny and beautiful moments that you will experience during the wedding. Furthermore, you can start the organization wherever you want. Now let’s take a look the services that we provide to our clients.

Yacht Wedding

Turkey Wedding
Are you bored of classical weddings? Then you should try a wedding on a yacht. We organize yacht weddings for couples. We prepare everything before the wedding. The music which the couples choose, boarding and landing time, the meal, translator and so on. Moreover, do not worry about the capacity of the yacht. We have many yacht options that your all guests can attend to the wedding.


If you need a translator, we also provide a translator for your guests. When you want to visit the city, you don’t have to worry about the language. Our translators will give you the best translation service.

Entertainment Options

Do you want to have a real fun during the wedding? Here we have many entertainment options. The music, the different meals and so on. We try to provide what you want to be in your wedding. Also, you can have beautiful moments with a bosphorus tour. Do you want to visit the city after the wedding? With our translators you can visit and do shopping in the city easily. Have you decided on a wedding in Turkey after learning what you can experience in the text. A wedding in a yacht in Turkey will be an amazing choice for couples’ weddings. If you are okay, then contact us and learn the details


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