Wedding Prices on the Boat 2023

A dreamlike experience with a unique view of the Bosphorus. Everyone wants to have unforgettable moments with a wedding on a boat. If you want to have your wedding on a boat, we are at your service with our different menu and boat options.

How is the Wedding on the Boat?

When planning, it’s important to work with a reputable charter company and choose a boat that’s the right size for the number of guests and the type of event you’re planning. You will also want to consider safety and emergency procedures as well as the amenities and services the boat offers, such as meals and entertainment. It’s also important to keep in mind that weddings on boats are often smaller and more intimate, so it’s best to have a smaller guest list. Overall, a wedding on a boat can be a beautiful and unique way to celebrate your special day, but it requires careful planning and practical considerations.

How long does the wedding on the boat last?

It usually lasts an average of 4 hours, but depending on our couples’ demands, it can go over or below 4 hours. In order to help you with the wedding organization on the boat, Bematur wedding on the boat organization will provide a professional team.

Wedding Organization on the Boat Prices

Affordable Boat Wedding or Luxury Boat Wedding can be planned completely according to your wishes.

They can be completely customized according to your wishes. Wedding on the boat prices in 2023 can be adjusted accordingly, whether you prefer an affordable boat wedding or a luxury boat wedding.

Are Wedding Prices on the Boat Expensive?

Wedding Prices on the Boat

They are entirely shaped according to your wishes. The number of people on the boat for the wedding organization, alcoholic or alcohol-free wedding options, dinner wedding prices, and many other factors determine the onboard wedding prices.

To ensure that you don’t have to worry, our professional team will come together with you on the boat a while before the wedding date to create your wedding plan. This meeting is to provide total peace of mind on your wedding day. The wedding will take place on the boat, and all the details will be determined for the day.

Wedding Planning on a Boat

When planning a wedding on a boat, it’s important to work with a reputable charter company. These companies can help you choose a boat that fits the size and type of your wedding. Also, weddings on boats tend to be smaller and more intimate, so you should consider the size of your guest list as well.

Duration of a Wedding on the Boat

The duration of boat weddings is usually dependent on the couples’ preferences. However, an average boat wedding lasts about 4 hours. This duration can be increased or decreased according to the couples’ wishes.

Wedding on the Boat Organization

wedding on a boat

Wedding on the boat organization is shaped according to the personal preferences and expectations of the couples. Options such as alcoholic or non-alcoholic wedding, with or without food, are among the factors that determine the total cost of the wedding. A professional organization team meets with you before your wedding date to plan all the details and ensure everything goes smoothly on your wedding day.

A wedding on a boat can be a unique and unforgettable way to celebrate the most special day of your life. However, planning such a wedding requires careful preparation and thought. Therefore, it’s important to consider all these factors when planning your wedding.

Bematur is a boat organization company that offers a wide range of services from weddings on boats to business meetings, special celebrations to corporate events. Bematur, especially experienced in boat weddings, aims to turn the wedding of couples’ dreams into reality.

Bematur’s professional team meets with couples a while before the wedding date to create the wedding plan. This meeting takes place on the wedding on the boat and all the details are determined for the wedding day on the boat. This way, couples can be completely relaxed on their wedding day and enjoy this special day.

Bematur offers various wedding on the boat options according to the wishes and budgets of couples. While offering suitable options for couples who want to plan an economical wedding on a boat, there are also different options for those seeking a luxury experience.

In conclusion, a wedding on a boat with Bematur can be an experience that makes the most special day of your life unforgettable. Bematur’s experienced and professional team will be with you at every stage of your wedding and ensure that this special day progresses smoothly.